Promote communication and bring in “fun” to your work.

Promote communication and bring in “fun” to your work.

To establish good collaboration, communication among team members is indispensable.

Backlog's unique communication features will promote the team's communication and will lead the project to the success.


Send your appreciation with one click

Are you aware of your team members' good job and hard work?

Click stars and send them your appreciation. The team will grow when team members encourage each another and communicate well together.

Bring up the team's motivation

Bring up the team's motivation

Backlog includes chart features to “visualize” the project's progress.

Burndown is a left top to right bottom chart to show how the project is progressing.

Working together and seeing the quickly progressing line will motivate team members. A “praise” message will be shown for the most contributing member.

Show your feeling.

Show your feeling.

You can express your feeling with emoticons.

Good communication leads smooth progress of your projects.

A right pictograph to represent you.

The user icon can be set freely.

You can either choose from more than 300 Backlog pictographs or upload your original icon.