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Updates of Projects Sent to You via Email.

Backlog cooperates with emails. When new issues and comments are added, or when issues are closed, updated information will be sent to all project members via email.

Each email has a short summary of the body in the title. You can know the outline of project status without opening an email.

Send email for each action

Receive emails for newly added issues

All project members will receive an email to notify that a new issue has been added.

Email when comment is added.

Backlog will send an email when a new comment is added to the issue.

Commit mail.

If commit mail has a message in the title, a part of it will be shown. Each time a file is committed to the repository, you'll receive a commit mail.

Notification for closed issues.

When issues are resolved or tasks are completed, emails are sent to let all uses to know the closure of the issue.

Newly added or edited Wiki notification.

When new Wiki is added or Wiki is edited, notification email will be sent to all members.

Email notifications

Receive email notifications when you are notified in events, such as when issues are added or completed or when there are new comments.

Send regularly scheduled emails

Project Report.

For each project you are a member of, a report will be sent to you to notify the issues that had past the due date.

My Report

A weekly report that includes reminders for issues approaching their due dates and a summary of activities that received the most stars in the week.

Other functions

Adding comments via emails.

Comments could be added by replying to the emails sent when issue is added or other comments are posted.
The body of email will be added as a comment.

Add email inquiries as issues on Backlog

Backlog's 'Add issues via email' feature lets you create new issues automatically by forwarding inquiries from the contact form to a specified email address.

See following page for more details.