User roles

Below is a list of different user roles and the respective scope of operations they can perform on Backlog.

1. Summary table

AdministratorIn addition to the privileges of a Normal User, an Administrator can add and edit both projects and users.
Project AdministratorA role for each project.
In addition to having the privileges of a Normal User, this user can also edit a designated project. Project Administrators can add users (Normal Users and below) to the Space.
Normal UserIn addition to the privileges of a Reporter, a Normal User can view, add and edit issues; post comments; change the status of issues; add and edit category as well as add and edit versions and milestones. (Note: Normal Users used to be called Developers until March 2009. The name was changed as there are now many non-developers using Backlog as well.)
ReporterA reporter can view and add issues as well as post comments. Changing the status of an issue is not permitted. This role is given to users who only submit reports.
ViewerA viewer can view issues. Adding and editing issues are not permitted.
Guest ReporterGuest Reporters share the same privileges as Reporters except they do not have access to personal settings.
Guest ViewerGuest Viewers share the same privileges as Viewers except they do not have access to personal settings.

Normal User is recommended for most of users. Users who add projects and users should become Administrator.
Designate some Normal Users as Project Administrators to let them help manage projects.

Reporter might be given to the external users who send bug reports and requests.

2. Comparison chart

Normal UserReporterViewerGuest ReporterGuest Viewer
Edit Space××××××
Project Administrator
Add/Delete projects××××××
Edit projects×××××
issue type
Add users×××××
Edit/Delete users××××××
View issues
Add issues××
Edit issues××××
Delete issues×××××
Attach files to issues××
Delete attached files
to issues
View Wiki
shared files
Change personal settings××

*1 When project administrators are given permission to manage each other, they can add/delete other project administrators in Project Settings.