STEP 3  Check issue status

Working and collaborating with your team via email exchanges can be tough as there is no clear indication of what is done and what is in progress. On Backlog, each issue can be assigned a status so every member in your team can know what work is left to do. Moreover, an assignee can be specified for each issue so that it is clear who exactly is handling the task.

issue status

1. Checking and changing issue status

Checking and changing issue status

The status of an issue can be found in the "Change Status" panel on the right hand side of the issue detail page.
As an issue progresses, you can select a new status in this panel and click the "Submit" button to update.

2. Changing status with comments

Changing status with comments

You can also change an issue status in the comment field.
When you add a comment, you will have the option of selecting a new status as well as a new assignee.